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Student of the Week – February 25



CMS student since:  Summer, 2011

Participates in: Musikgarten “Music Makers at the Keyboard”

Instructor: Nancy Van Kampen  

Stella’s story:

Hi, my name is Stella. I play the piano and when I play the piano I feel like I am in my own world. It also takes me away from TV.

I was 8 when I started. To be honest, it opened a new door for me. I liked it right away.

It’s fun to play with others. You can make new friends. In my class there are only two other kids and I know them well. We’ve been playing together since I was 8!  And playing together is really good because it teaches you cooperation.

I like all kinds of music and I learn about different styles of music in class.   We get to make up our own music, too.

Miss Nancy is a really, really nice teacher. She actually helps you. She doesn’t give you all the answers. She gives you clues and encourages you to find out the answer on your own.

At first it’s hard, but when you practice, practice, practice it gets easier and you know the music!

Congrats and thanks, Stella, for being our “Student of the Week!”

All of our students have good musical stories to tell.  Learn from them every week.  And of course, you are welcome to learn at CMS as well!


Spring Term:  April 8 – June 15.  Registration opens Thursday, February 28!

Questions?  Comments?  Interested in joining us?  Drop us a note:  [email protected] or call 612-618-0219.





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