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For Newborns – Age 8/Sept.-June

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Musikgarten for Newborns – Age 8

Come for the fun. Stay for the education!

Rachel Scarf

Camden Music School is recognized nationally as a ‘Musikgarten Exemplary Program’ for our long-standing commitment to the Musikgarten philosophy.

Camden Music School offers Musikgarten instruction that is just right for each age level – from babies who benefit greatly from being part of a live music environment, right up through school-age children who delight in our group piano classes.

At Camden Music School you can choose from Musikgarten’s full spectrum of classes for children from birth to age 8, and share with your child the gift of music – the gift that lasts a lifetime.

Family Music for Babies

Family Music for Toddlers

Cycle of Seasons for Preschoolers

Music Makers at Home/Around the World (from age 4)

Music Makers at the Keyboard (from age 6)

We encourage you to find out more about the Musikgarten curriculum. Give us a call at 612-618-0219 and check out the Musikgarten website. Learn more about our 3 licensed Musikgarten teachers, Anna Bendickson, Annie Frohlich and Nancy VanKampen, too.

I would suggest that Musikgarten nourishes children in three ways: Their souls are nourished by the music itself; their bodies are nourished by the graceful movement; and their minds are nourished by the rhythm.

- Dee Coulter, Ed.D
Neuroscience Educator

Our child has been taking Musikgarten classes at CMS for a year and a half. We have noticed wonderful growth in his independence, comfort level, participation, skills and talents. We really enjoy your program.

-From CMS Customer Survey

Materials from the Fall Orientation Gatherings for Parents and Caregivers

Why Music and Movement are Vital for Children

Some Pointers to Help You Get the Most Out of Musikgarten Class

History of Musikgarten – Meet Lorna and Audrey!

Musikgarten/Gordon’s Skill Sequence Chart


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